Dear Covid-19 is a memory project, powered by the National Youth Council (NYC) in partnership with DSTNCT, to shed light on everyday life when Singapore came to a standstill as everyone stayed home and to document our journey into a new normal. How we respond can define us as an individual, as a community and as a nation.

We’ve collected letters to COVID-19 from young Singaporeans from all walks of life, each going through their own struggles and/or victories. These stories have been shared by our participants in earnest and we hope you’ll view them with empathy and sensitivity. We’ve sought to represent a wide spectrum of life experiences, yet are also acutely aware that so many stories have yet to be uncovered. Let Dear Covid-19 be the place where your story in this pandemic can be found.

We would also like to thank all participants of this project for letting us into your lives, homes and journeys. The photos of youth featured under Life in Stills were taken entirely virtually during the circuit breaker period (May 2020). Within a span of 2 weeks, 100 Singaporeans participated in these virtual shoots for Dear Covid-19. As we transition into phase 2 of Singapore's reopening, we will continue to document our journey in adapting to the new normal. Life In Motion seeks to present that through a series of shorts and a continued collection of our stories.

Someday in the future, we will look back and these stories will serve as a reminder of our daily lives during these unsettling times.

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