Agnes Eng

Flight Attendant

Tokyo, London, Russia, Paris, Melbourne, New York City, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Bombay - the list goes on. And that was my iife before you. Dear Covid-19, You have caught me off guard. The nature of my job led me to be away from home most of the time and you helped me make up for the lost time with family and friends, so thank you. Being at home these months has reflected several things in my family. Although we are a close-knitted one, it feels like i was never really there for the past year and a half. Roster after roster, country after country. You made me realized the food prepared by my mother before my flights were never bought by me. The thick coats and warmers i wore in Russia were never washed by me but they "magically" became ready for my next adventure. Mother's back ache became so painful yet I did not know until it became better because I was probably in London having my scones and English tea. She just wants me to have fun and not worry about her. These, broke my heart. But you came along and changed everything. Now, i partake in the weekly grocery runs and finally experienced the pain of lugging Meiji's 2L fresh milk and yet having to protect the 10 farm fresh eggs. I still don't do the laundry though hahaha. But i managed to massage my mother's back in hopes to soothe her pain. Now, I have the opportunity to spend 24 hours a day with them and we have our daily 4km walk around the neighbourhood. Dinner on the dining table now happens 7 times a week with full attendace and conversations with my sister goes beyond wee hours of the morning. I could not have done these things before you, but you made it possible now, so thank you. But now, my livelihood is taking one big hiatus. 3 months since my last flight to Germany and the standbys which I usually pray for to be removed is my current silver lining. Funny how things have took a turn because of you. I can barely remember my primary duties when I board the plane and the way i navigate through the nozzle-like aircraft. I miss working around the galley and also tidying up the sometimes disastrous lavatories. I miss sharing life stories with colleagues for 10 hours straight and attending to passengers with the peculiar requests. I miss having breakfast for dinner and embracing the worst sleep schedules. I miss the travel experience and of course, I miss donning on the kebaya, my pride and joy. It is because of you that I have come to seek a deeper connection with my family, to appreciate the joy and tribulations of my job and to reflect upon the fragility of life. Thank you for showing me all of these within a short period of time. In the meantime, I live each day with optimism and hopefulness marching towards a day when my family outing is back at VivoCity and I am 35,000 feet above the ground again.