Peony Tan

Freelance interviewer

Staying at home was no sweat because I've always managed my daily activities with indoor chores and interests easily. What's new this round is I've done more fitness workouts from Youtube, watched free online performances (some world class), and even find new ways to solve decade old household problems(dripping, littering from neighbours upstairs) But the sting came with the M1 outage (almost 28 hours), it's like a circuit breaker within a circuit breaker. Which also became a blessing in disguise, I took to sketching a painting I learned from my online art course (yes- another new thing I tried), and spring cleaned the utility room. My only person to person interactions was with my next door neighbour, and the friendly cleaner. I think we were checking if we are all okay. We passed little things to each other, my neighbour gave her extra mask while I bought Hari Raya snacks for the cleaner. Of course I had days when I was down. Fortunately good stories of people overcoming their odds in fighting Covid and my regular exercise helped me snapped out of it. The CB is our PSLE, GCE and other major examinations - we learned so much about ourselves, and how to get through them.