Dear covid'19, It has been a while since you suddenly appeared in our lives. You have let us know to cherish our live of what we have and after we have gone into a new norm/circuit breaker, as a student, we worry that we might not score well as we needed to do HBL. After the 2 weeks of circuit breaker, we miss some of our friends and thinking, when will you be gone? I miss my friends, miss the whole class together and the memories created with my friends. It has been 2 months since circuit breaker started and almost 4 months since you broke out. Everyday, we are just hoping you can let us free but you have let us reflect on ourself to take the chances now that we have left to do what we like. After circuit breaker, we will have to get use to another new norm of phrase 1. And after adapting to the new norms, we might not be able to get use to our normal lives again after you are gone. Though at the beginning I always having the hate on you, but now I still dislike you but I'm thankful for what you have brought to us and letting us reflect and learn to cherish chances that we have left. We might be scared that we might suddenly not know this world again. Thank you covid'19 though you have brought us quite a number of troubles sometimes. Hope you could free us sooner to go back to our normal lives and able to see our friends everytime we are in school again!