Student Researcher

I sometimes find myself thinking about when it all began, how abruptly Covid-19 somehow came into existence, and how the situation escalated. Everyday, I watch and read the news and I muse about how this virus has brought out the true colors of many people - be it leaders or regular citizens. This pandemic has disrupted our lives, one way or another. We're all frustrated, at least to some extent. All the pent-up anger and stress... There was no outlet. Many of us have different ways of coping with stress and anxieties but our access to these resources have been cut off. Some try to keep it together before they lose it and snap at their loved ones. It breaks my heart to know that there are people out there who are losing themselves during this period and that those around them are unable to help them. I keep a little digital diary to "pen down" my thoughts and feelings. I worry for my family, i worry for my grandparents, I worry for my partner and his family... I also worry about my thesis, my research, my future career... Oh and what about the little "conflicts" that I face every other day? How do I deal with them? I get so annoyed but how do I fix them? The list goes on... Before Covid-19, we've all dealt with some of these anxieties but during this period, these feelings peak and it becomes harder to deal with them. The weight of these problems become much heavier and harder to bear. As we head towards a "new normal", we know it's not gonna be any easier. I just hope that everyone cares, not just for their own physical health, but for their mental wellness as well. Pen down your thoughts. Talk to someone, anyone. Find some ways to express yourself freely, but also safely. And, most importantly, treasure those around you. Stay safe.