Dear Covid-19, this is to all those who are going through a tough time mentally. We live under an illusion that other people are normal and coping. The fact is, everyone harbours doubts, deviant thoughts/emotions and carries tons of other psychological baggage around like a noose. Some manage to find a fragile balance. Most just hide it really well, others are in denial of their pain and emotional conflicts. The suppression manifests itself in other ways. Some folks are suffering a lot worse. Health professionals prefer/are trained to use a scale to gauge severity and administer meds and prescribe therapy in accordance to that scale. My personal experience is that it works to varying degrees. What does lift some of that fog is knowing that there are other people outside your door that have experienced the depth that you have plunged. That even when you feel most alone and vulnerable, there is someone out there who's been in the same spot. Take a breath, just live one minute at a time. One hour. One day. Even if the situation doesn't change, the brain chemistry certainly will, and any change is welcome. If conditions allow, I recommend going for walks alone. Try it without music. I've 'graduated' to running. Used to really HATE running. Now I run everyday. Started out as a form of self punishment of sorts, just to take my mind off things. I don't know about the 'runner's high' because the description didn't fit my definition of 'high' but more of a sort of meditation. I run to a point I only focus on my breathing, my foot falls...listening to my breathing helps to filter out the world, random thoughts flow in and out. At the end of runs, nothing in my life changed. But the effort, the exhaustion and the meditation helps me frame things in a more comfortable perspective. Keep breathing. One day at a time. Before we know it, this will be all over.