Janice Goh


Dear Covid19, By now the circuit breaker is coming to the end and I am here to share my story. Since the beginning of the year, I am not just only a student, but a student working in the clinic as well. Since the beginning, I have been caution by my doctors that this is not an easy war and we need to gear up for the worst. Since the beginning, my team and my doctors are working tirelessly to help our public despite the difficult times. My team and my doctors has identified two patients of Covid19 before the circuit breakers and we never stop our operation because everyone in this period of time we would want to help our people from i juries to today- Covid19. I am also doing my full time education and when school needs to stop abruptly for this war, I am ready to serve my people and also struggling my schoolwork through online learning. I do also keep up my weekly schedule to work in the clinic and keeping abreast about the current situations. This can be inconvenience for everyone, but I did it with my teams. During this circuit breaker, this has allowed me to self care and recover and think about how life is so unpredictable and yet doing self improvement about certain lifestyle. Baking and reading are some of things that I revisit and still keeping up and doing so. I am thankful for this period yet I can do my part as a person to help the public. When all this ends, I want to treat my family a good meal outside and enjoy the moments.