Wibbien Marseille


COVID-19 QUARANTINE (rap) Missing the days when I had a smile on my face, and We didn’t think you’d come this way far away, cast astray To my dismay, superspreaders flew away World’s now grey Home all of May But everyday life feels like yesterday Carbon was our game, Travelling the world by plane A rhythm we can’t sustain you put us back in our lane Deep down, explain Are we wired to be vain? Reminiscing the old days, Wanna go back to my old ways. Since you’ve come Schools shut down City is a ghost town. People panic buying Stockpiling The world is in a crisis Praying we’ll survive this Trapped in our vicinity Clinging on to connectivity Having lost our mobility.. Leaving the house is a crime Pay a fine, do your time Even in Din Tai Fung – there’s no line! But remember we’re part of the remedy, Together on the same team - With Corona as the enemy Doctors working day and night Just follow the plain advice! Ignorance is why people die Stay gratified, satisfied Some days may be less productive But the truth is: You still managed to hope for a better time. Try to get some sleep at night, Go out and exercise. And remember - We’re all still breathing, Wonderful human beings