When news of Covid started to spread, I waved it off as a small epidemic that would soon blow over. Now, nobody is laughing. Having been through two months of lockdown, everyone is feeling the strain. Stories of people dying, tempers flaring, produce hoarding... all of these sound very post-apocalyptic. As fear heightens, people's circle of care laser to their immediate family - and this in turn, goes against the spirit of community. I have had my ups and downs, like everyone else. But I choose to remain grateful. Cultivating an attitude of Gratitude gets people through the tough times and make people reassess what's really important in life and what we should treasure when times are good. These are the reasons why I'm grateful to the lockdown. 1. Weight - Achieved the goal I set last birthday. Lockdown has afforded me more time to refine my diet and cook more. This in turn let me drop that last 5kg (now 6!). I've been struggling with this last 5kg for 3 months. All it took was 3 weeks in lockdown. ?? 2. Diet - When I can control my schedule, it was very easy to hit a 16:8 intermittent fast 4x/week. 3. Family - Spent more quality time with mum, increased video calls with brother who's studying in Australia. We don't actually know when we will see him, since Australia has closed down its borders. ? 4. Friends - who reached out when they knew I was down and the messages / calls / gifts they sent. I went through some emotional upheaval, I posted that I was feeling socially disconnected on Instagram. And yes, my friends staggered me with their messages of care and concern. ??‍♀️ 5. Yoga poses unlocked - In my spare time, I was practicing a lot of backbends and maintaining my yoga practice. I managed to get into the full expressions of Camel, side crow, headstand, mermaid and toe stand. Never thought I’d be strong enough for side crow or headstand??‍♀️ 6. Internal state - Managed to take a step back when angry, validate feelings and not react in anger. ? This was something I've been working on - I tend to explode when in anger, and regret much later. 7. Dating - Prioritising emotional intimacy over physical attraction. This was an issue for me prior to lockdown. Whenever I met a guy and we had 'chemistry', it inevitably led me to making stupid decisions and being too free with myself. Being in lockdown and having to build stronger emotional connections by talking and communicating has also made me braver to set boundaries. ? 8. Finances - Saved more money and afforded me time to research and refine my financial goals. ? 9. Happiness - Developed a daily Gratitude journaling habit ? 10. Creativity - Touched the piano for the first time in years. I also explored dancing as a medium of expression. This was one of my regrets, giving up ballet in the past. So I'm glad that I was brave enough to give this a try.