Marcel Yu

Model producer

Dear Covid 19, Even before circuit breaker , we have anticipated this in Feb and having to wfh and stay together with my partner is really not easy. Not wanting to go to public places and only going to work for lesson n casting ... and when movie and ktv n clubs is announce closed, we know we have to stop our model contest . Our suppliers from china is stop. Our design r all on hold. My partner pack up and left... I was all alone for the first time... mum is at sister place to take care of my nephew. The 2 days I was devastated as the loss of a partner n someone to assist u in work n daily life suck as groceries n buying food back when I work. The sports activities and watching of movie at home... is all gone... And staff left as they wanted to go for holiday which I told them it will expand to Europe n it did. Our students and clients r based overseas and especially in Malaysia and they all have their lockdown . CB started... I started to cook n learn ... I took all the gadget up n set up a singing ktv session and participate in my sing together project... The peace was so quiet n suddenly I need to learn to do things all alone... while others have to cope with children n parent all under one roof! Cleaning up is also not easy as Everyday I have to clean on different part of the house . A bird fly to my house n started singing.... n she got me singing ... later I volunteer myself to help in charity and counselling as many came to me for advise and help. But who do I tell my problems to? My godma who is a therapist is also redeploys away n I lost her too. So I set up 3 fb group of which one is mental health being where we share and contribute articles to help ever other . A foodies group where we share hookcook food and lastly my fb page have converted to the source where all important information is provided. Everyone stop talking ... 1000 WhatsApp became 1 or none.. 200 fb pm became none... everything stop.. I wake up everyday praying n watching motivation video and write down a journal... plan my cooking for the day n try to see who I can connect with n check on my friends n some family members .... All holidays r stopped ... we can’t dine out and I someone who dislike to pack food back though I have grab food but I alone now n is not worth to order n so I have to order 3 sets of meals n keep 2 for tomorrow... To cook Everyday is not easy as we can’t be eating the same thing but lots of msg n fried food is cut as I dun handle meats well n oil... so only keep it to steam n boil stuff which make me lost 13 kg since Dec 19. Yes ! Beer is cheap and so I started to drink almost everyday and when it come to day 30... I got sick n tired that I dun feel like drinking anymore ... All volunteer r ask to stop as covid 19 is escalating... my hands n face r so dry with the mask n glove n sanitizer.... n next I see what else I can do.... Business been stop for 3 months...n just when I thought it will take place this year ... I got used to being alone now n I though I m lonely but i didn’t. I self reflected b realised I didn’t set love myself ! I eat whatever I want n to my body n everyone is building their health by exercise. I fall sick a few times n issued SHN .n I jus had enough of this medication n so even more I have to eat n drink healthy... adding fruits .. Building n nurturing my plants... cycle to grab food ... also limit my screen time in tv n social media as eyes r very tired ... using pc, watching tv on YouTube , mobile phone, social media... it’s all screen time ... Started online shopping as I need to get some items which r not available lately ... n also found some Long lost friend n keeping in touch... those positive one n only talk when they r free as everyone is busier than usual with kids n work at home... Having been thru SARS, it was not that bad as it’s fever detected... I took up my degree and driving during that period and now I took up online course on CBT therapist... and some other... Zoom etc and everything went online ... I miss human n talking to human as a outgoing people person , I used to get to talk n meet new people everyday ... n now I m down to me n the bird... Wow! The fb album name after Micheal jackson , you are not alone... that u posted my singing, food and things I do for my friends and engage online ... I found a slogan.. SMILE- it means S- Stay positive M- motivate I- involve L- learning E- engage n encourage I will never forget how covid 19 change my life at age 40... but it taught me a lot . I Ma grateful of what the government did n gave us using our reserve and also having my own reserve for rainy day’s ... but it’s a big storm now... We can dance in the rain but if it’s a storm ... we have to wait n take cover ... Heal the world !