Triage staff

Dear Covid 19, Because of you, I've seen the ugly side of humans. I've seen it before when I was working in the FNB and retail industry. But, seeing it now only further made me lose faith in humanity. Do people get more entitled as they get older? Do you think you deserve more with age? Before you express your displeasure and complain, do you think about the people serving you? Did you even spare a thought for us? We wear the suffocating PPE. We sanitize our hands a million times till raw. We repeat the same triage questions a million times to ensure all your safety. But, what did we get in return? You, complaining how slow we are. You, not adhering to safe distancing measures just because you want to enter faster. You, complaining how we paste the sticker on your shirt before asking you. (Must you really add on to my never ending list of questions?) Does it really matter where I paste your sticker? Your clothings are equally exposed anyways. You, complaining about why we ask for your contact details when it should all be in the records. You, complaining how it's so troublesome to even enter. You, saying no to the questions asked when you know that you have the symptoms. Do you know how many people you put at risk while doing that? Admitting that you're feeling unwell would not put you in a disadvantage you know? We will still give you the care you deserve, equally. Seriously, how hard is it to treat someone kindly. To say thank you. To be polite. Maybe it's because you're feeling unwell, after all you're visiting the clinic. Maybe it's because you think we're paid to do this so we deserve this. Maybe it's because you think you pay your taxes so you're entitled to this. Whatever it is, I don't know. But, all I'm asking is just for you to be slightly kinder. Just a word of thanks will mean a lot really. Just a little bit more patience will make a world of difference really. It will make our work easier and increases your safety. Just adhere to the operating hours please? We need to eat too, you know? You coming earlier during our lunch break won't help you see the doctor faster. You still have to wait. Sometimes outside in the hot weather. Sometimes inside if you complain too much and is making a huge fuss. But seriously, what do you want us to do when the staff go out for lunch? We have operating hours for a reason, so please follow them. It's useless to just praise healthcare heroes to the skies online, behind your screens, and then be self-enitled human beings in real life. Blaming it on old age is even worse. Old people has lived more years and should be more understanding, shouldn't they? And as their children, you just let them be rude? All I'm asking is for you to please be kinder. Be more patient. Be more grateful. Say "thank you" or just "thanks" please. Be more understanding. We're all in this pandemic together. It's hard enough as it is, so please don't make things even harder. Thank you. P.S: I'm not representing all the healthcare staff. This is just my own feelings and thoughts. #DEARCOVID19SG #GRATITUDE #FRUSTRATION