Fresh graduate

Dear Covid, How odd it is, as a close friend recently put, to have spent your whole life planning only to be subjected to the whims and fancies of nature. It feels so frustrating, that I spent my whole life doing everything that would entail a "good student" - going to a "good" secondary school, then JC, then a local university, participating in school clubs and taking up leadership positions. In the end, it feels like it amounts to little in this crisis, when I am just one of the many fresh graduates who are struggling to find our place in an unforgiving world that seems to be changing everyday. Just when you thought you fit the mould, life expects something else of you entirely. But these times have given me the opportunity to question who I really am, and what value I can add to the world. When I am stripped down of academic qualifications and titles, who I am? I'm still in the process of figuring this out. I hope one day I will find an answer I am proud of. It's been tiring, but I am trying to keep my hopes up. I am privileged to be surrounded with supportive friends and family, and to have a part time job to tide me by. We'll get through this together, I think. We have to. Wenxin