Seah Jin Heng


Dear Covid - 19, You have been the most popular topic in 2020. You knew how unwelcome you are, but you still continue to go around like a boss. You are probably the most traveled one in the world today despite how most travel industries have stopped to operate. You are probably the most influential one who has changed the livelihood of many, destroying lovely families that you certainly should not have! However, because of you, I attended a precious lesson called [Gratitude]. Before you came, our mother Earth's are desperately crying for help that falls on all our deaf ears. We ignore the impact of global warming and climate change, by continuing to consume more than what we need. We continue to pollute the clean air we once enjoyed through mass production and intense transportation. We only care about the growth of our economy, but it took you to make us realize that Economy and the health of our Earth goes hand in hand. We destroyed the home of many animals at an unnerving rate without much hesitation. We kept them in a confined space for our own entertainment. It was you that made them finally able to return to the big space they once belong to, occupying the streets that we thought belonged to us but also them; and for us to experience first hand the feeling of being a confined space for a long period of time. You made me understand that we are interdependent on one another and shared this only livable planet called Earth. Due to the presence of yours, most of us have to coop ourselves at home! It was only now I learned to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life such as the comfort of my home. Thank you for creating the opportunity for me to spend more time with my family - parents and siblings that I once took for granted. We often care and want to spend more time with the people who are far from us, and neglect the ones who truly matter who we see daily and live in close proximity. It was you who brought my parents and I together to watch K - Drama for the first time. It was also you who made us communicate more. It was your presence that made me realise their presence even more. Lastly, me, myself and I! Living in a cosmopolitan city, we are too often bustling day in and day out, living little time for us to slow down to think or even breathe. Looking at the world outside of my cold steel gate, I finally have plenty of time to look inside of myself. Time is now in my favour to sort myself out. I start to focus more on myself and getting to know more about my own strengths and weaknesses. Efforts are now directed in developing myself and doing things I truly loved or always wanted to do such as cooking.