Dear Covid-19, Thank you. Just thank you so much. Surprisingly while everyone has spent most of their time either sleeping or playing games ,I've spent most of my time thinking on how can i be a better person as a whole. Throughout 18 years of my life, I've actually never make my parents once proud. My results were bad so were my attitude that i never actually respected my parents. I never once ask them for options neither once ask them how is their day is like too when they asked about mine. You might be thinking, I am such a bad daughter to treat my parents as if they were nothing to me. Yes. I admit i am. Covid-19 and then circuit breaker came. I had to face them every single day. Initally, the thoughts went in me: '' Seeing them every single day just irks me a lot ''. I slowly distance myself away from them so I played games day and night. On 31st of may just 3 weeks ago in the middle of the night while i was sleeping, I received a call. From a unknown number and the other party said: '' He left us '' and that's when i know that i lost my best friend to a battle of his chronic condition. My partner in crime. Someone who dotes me like a younger sister. Someone who would be there for me throughout. I cried till my pillows were wet from my tears. I couldn't believe. I blamed myself that i couldn't cherish the times i had with my best friend. I blamed myself for not changing into a better person,despite advices given. I blamed myself for being the playful immature kid. I blamed myself, a lot. Thoughts flooded in my mind: ''If only i could be better.If only i could change. If only i cherished things that were in front of me and not regretting after. '' On one particular evening while i was seating on the couch watching TV together with my parents, we laughed till our stomach got hurt. We shed tears from laughing. I looked at their faces for the first time, and i thought to myself, This is what i wanted since young. A happy family that is right in front of me, where we share our sorrows and worries together. So please, cherish someone. Tell them you love them today before its too late. I know there were many commericals and news/texts saying the same exact sentence i was saying and probably cried, but honestly you wouldn't know what comes tomorrow. Cherish as if they were the last moments spent together and saying I love you doesn't hurt too.