Ethan Lim

Visual Effects Artist

Dear COVID-19, I wonder if you know that the world is fighting, And you have made many of us go into hiding. You came like the thief in the night, And cause people to shrink with fright. My heart moved at the sight of grief and losses, Where hope seemed to be lost and life pauses. I despair at the death toll and lives you have stolen, So many unsuspecting lives you have beckon. But right here and now, You will never know what you sow. The seeds of strength and resilience that you thought were absent, Unfortunately for you were very much alive and present. I would like to declare to you that this war you have started, Will never end the way you intended. With steadfast love and kindness, Humanity will always remember lives are precious. I will never bow down to darkness, Neither to hopelessness. And while you may have come to steal, kill and destroy, You will never succeed in your decoy. Like the rainbow after the storm’s passing, You turned my mourning into dancing, We will learn to dance in the storms, As we change social norms. I’m sorry for you as even before you depart, We have learnt from the lessons you impart. Your presence will never stay, Because our faith in humanity is on display. For darkness will not reign, And our hope will never wane. Whether you are ready to go, I don’t really want to know. This is your acquaintance Ethan, Signing off unbeaten. #DearCovid19SG @nycsg @dstnctsg