Part time retail assistant

My story is super specific HAHA. Some may be able to identify me /shrugs/ I was about to convert to a full time retail assistant on April 2020, a decision made after months of contemplation. So FYI, I have been working in my company as a part time retail assistant for one and a half years, during which I gained much confidence and actually ENJOYED this job, especially so as I have proven that I’m pretty competent at it. So, some background: I have an University degree, and I took on jobs that were more ~suitable~ for me in terms of position and pay grade. But the thing is they turned out to be unsuitable for me, in terms of the people I’m working with as well as the jobs themselves. I was extremely stressed and depressed for some time, quit these jobs without having another job ready, and just took on a part-time retail position, with much lesser pay and more flexible schedule. Never knew that I could love this job so much. And this is when COVID-19 comes, and my confirmation came to an abrupt S T O P. And then on Apr 7 circuit breaker had my store (that is ‘non-essential’) closed for idk-when (was stated it will last till may 5, then changed to June, then now July). So what now? No announcements from my company, but I still need some money to tide over circuit breaker, so I ended up working in NTUC as a temp staff. Fast forward to June when my contract with NTUC has ended, I’m now unemployed (again), and my company have told me I will be converted as a full-timer at mid July — So hey, at least I have a job after circuit breaker? :) During this circuit breaker I thought a lot of things, that life circumstances can be so abrupt, so many things can change. In ntuc some of my colleagues came from different industries - one is a tour guide, one who is planning to open a bar within a few months time before Covid-19 hit, another a manicurist - so many people are hit by this pandemic. We are all affected one way or another. So any moral for this story? I’m afraid not. I would just say that this few months has been a whirlwind or sorts, but we are all in this (National song does not play now btw). Life does get terrifying, but we’ll get through this. I mean, I kept in touch with tons of my friends during CB (surprisingly), took up free online courses (Yale University’s course on happiness!), learnt new things (video editing) and even go on virtual museum tours (really recommend NGV’s commes des garcons exhibition). This cb is a time to think back at my life, and is a story to tell for my future generations. Thank you for reading till this point. My speech has ended (bows).