Lily Lee


Dear Covid-19, You have brought many changes to my home. Rice runs out faster. Frozen food replaces fresh food. A box of masks replaces the tissue box that usually sits in the living room. You have affected my family financially too. My dad went from a driver to a househusband. Debts increase as my dad struggles with the bills despite the government's support. The pay that I am saving up for university goes to shouldering some of my family's financial responsibilities. Truly, a tough time for my family. And everyone in the world. Thankfully, we have each other to seek solace in. My sister found time in the morning to make pancakes for everyone occasionally. My brother games with my dad more often. I discuss family stuff with my dad more often at night after my siblings have gone to bed. We gather for dinner everyday. And we play mahjong together at night whenever possible. I also have more late night conversations with my sister since she didn't have to wake so early for school (We share a room). So Covid-19, I hope you can leave quickly so my family situation can go back to normal. But, thank you for bringing my family closer. It is easy to take many things for granted when life is normal. Hence, thank you for making me treasure the time with my family more. For treasuring the health of my family more. And for treasuring the relationship I have with my family members more. P.S. In case you are wondering why is there no mention of my mom, my parents are divorced and she doesn't live with us. She does send texts occasionally asking about our well-being.