Fresh Grad

Hey. October 2019 I went on my mandatory Oversea Immersion Program, or rather, I would call it 'My Germany Trip' to complete my last semester of university and be a proud university graduate. All seems well on the surface, but in reality, it wasn't smooth sailing at all. When people say that they envy me, I felt uneasy. I screwed up the transferring of money to my blocked account and thus, for a week or two, I didn't know where my money was. I also screwed up my visa application and couldn't receive it before I fly. Making daily calls to the Germany Embassy Singapore became my routine. Just for a visa, I flew back to Singapore in December and then back to Germany a week after. Who would have thought that I would travel to Europe TWICE in 6 months? Honestly, I travelled with a heavy heart. December 2019 The news about Covid-19 travelled to Germany and soon after, there was case number 1. I didn't care much about that small little virus then, my heart and soul was all into writing a scientific book (thesis). One day while I was in the lab, I overheard an angmoh who was complimenting about Singapore. He was impressed by how our healthcare and government dealt with the Covid-19 situation. There and then, I lifted my eyes and hoped he would've lengthened his speech. I was proud of being a Singaporean. March 2020 Finally, school have unofficially come to an end. We, the students, can explore Europe with real smiles on our faces before heading home to make everyone jealous. Guess what? The order calling for all students to return to Singapore ASAP just s**tted us in our faces. This message caused 2 of my housemates to be in tears. None of us wanted to return home. The message simply implies to us that we are to cancel all our travelling plans and head back home to face the 14 days quarantine. 18 March 2020 Because the first flight had a delay. Because the shuttle bus of Dubai International Airport did not move. Because the transiting time was short. Because I am not a marathon runner. I had to queue TWICE for a request to have a new flight ticket. 20 March 2020 When I had reached home, I was not that exhausted, not very hungry, and not very happy. I was just sad that my mum couldn't give me a hug. Recently Recently, I was bombed by my best friend that she planned to get married this year, but it was postponed. Literally, this information came to me like a bomb; totally unexpected. But I did text her and gave my blessings the next day. Now, my stories continue with me being someone who does not need to study anymore, have no job, and like everyone else, limited in freedom. Looking back, I wondered how I have managed so many feelings. Bye.