Xia Yin

Industrial Designer

Dear Covid19, I hope you mutate to become less virulent or slowly just cease to exist... It hasn't been easy for everyone (I mean it was already challenging before covid but with you around - you really raised the threshold). Plans taking a backseat, people losing their loved ones (some without even a chance to send them off), most governments trying their best to tackle the situation (while some a lack thereof) - many good and bad learning points /food for thought have emerged during this period. Ultimately I guess is how we see it. Personally, I have been very lucky and fortunate to be able to keep my job and be close/ spend time with my loved ones (except my partner - whom we are in a LDR). Sadly he is in France and I am stuck here, unable to fulfil the plans we had initially of me moving over in August or September. It hasn't been easy - we are holding on to hope - the hope of being able to see each other again when it is safe to travel... But right now we are in a limbo and just hoping for the best. On some days it is difficult especially with majority of the news reporting an exponential increase in cases (might be a cause for a second lockdown). We are all living day by day really - with new updates every week if not once every few days. These are unprecedented times and we need to take this seriously and learn from this to be much prepared for future pandemics as this will be the new norm.