Restaurant Manager

Dear COVID-19, I never thought the world could come to this. Millions of jobs lost, being unable to leave the house, a world where masks become a must, and one of the hardest things - being unable to be there with loved ones. I have family and my precious one stuck overseas, unable to return home. Instead of seeing them every 2-3 months, I no longer have a date I can look forward to. Text messages and video calls from morning to night are not the same when you cannot feel physical touch; when you cannot be hugged and told that things will be fine. It exacerbates those lonely and empty feelings and gives way to more emotional breakdowns. Then comes the question of "how will we travel?" The way of travel will need to change to allow for distancing and minimal exposure, and leads to another question of, "but when?" Most countries have locked their borders and every day, I read the news desperately waiting for a vaccine, a cure, a miracle drug; hoping for something that will allow the world to go back to what it used to be. Yet deep inside me, I know that this is going to be the new normal, and chances are that we will need to learn to live with the virus and other potential viruses rather than in a world without such viruses. Dear COVID-19, I hope that just as we are adapting, you change too - into a virus that can be eradicated more easily.